Welcome to Grant Park!

A Growing Community

Electrification of Circle Gardens

The electrification of the circle gardens has come to pass. Currently several members are working on installing the colored lights that were approved at the September meeting. Drive by after dark and see how they look.

The latest in lighting are alternating green and red garden lights. The tree at the sign is mostly on at night as are a few reindeer in front of the Grant Park sign.

The Chamber Snowflakes are shining brightly and this year, safely, due to the Chamber and the Grant Park Foundation combining to fix the aging and in some cases, dangerous deteriorating extention cords from many years ago. Our thanks to the Village's John & Steve who hung the snowflakes this year.

Contact the Chamber

We can be reached at

Grant Park Chamber of Commerce 
PO Box 473
Grant Park, IL 60940. 

You can email us at: grantparkchamber@gmail.com

New Web Page

Welcome to the Chamber of Commerce's new web page. Google sites upgraded their software for their web pages and the Chamber followed along. The Classic Google site no longer had the ability for pictures to be loaded, so in that aspect this is a much more fun site to manage. Check out our new Gallery of pictures showing Chamber Members in action and showing some of the things that Chamber Members have accomplished. Please give us some time to fix other parts of the site as we are having problems with fonts and backgrounds. Also feel free to send comments to the email address on the left of this article. If Chamber members want to post a notice or comment about their business or service organization, please feel free to send a PDF attachment. We'll be happy to experiment with getting that on the website, too.