Welcome to Grant Park!

A Growing Community

We are hoping for another year with great looking Chamber Gardens!

Thanks to this year's Chamber Garden volunteers. Your work on your gardens  has been wonderful.  All the gardens looked great this year for the Memorial Day goal.  We have reprinted some of the  "Tended by" signs that were sun damaged.  We have been having some on-going problems with the lights, so let us know if you notice that your garden light is not working.  The John Deere Wagon  was placed during the first week of May and we hope to upgrade the lights for that garden, too.   

Contact the Chamber

We can be reached at 

Grant Park Chamber of Commerce 

PO Box 473

Grant Park, IL 60940. 

You can email us at: grantparkchamber@gmail.com

Web Page

Welcome to the Chamber of Commerce's web page. We are a bit erratic in loading new pictures but hope to show Chamber Members in action or show some of the things that Chamber Members have accomplished. Please feel free to send comments, news releases and/or pictures  to the email address on the left of this article.  If Chamber members want to post a notice or comment about their business or service organization, please feel free to send a PDF attachment. We'll be happy to experiment with getting that on the website, too.