Announcing: Christmas in the Village was back in 2021! Plans are moving ahead to hold the Chamber of Commerce's Christmas in the Village in December 2022. Mark your calendar for Saturday, December 10th 2022.

The Grant Park Chamber of Commerce 2021 - 2022 membership promotional booklet is now available. Currently they are available for the public at the Village Hall and at the Library. Each member is entitled to at least one. Let us know how you want us to get yours to you. We also have a PDF version that we can email to you if you want. As always feel free to email us at

Thanks to all who participated in the Chamber Golf Outing June 5th. Pictures are available under Announcements - Golf Outing 2021 and under Gallery. There are different pictures in each place so take a peek.

Grant Park Chamber of Commerce

Meet the Candidates Night

March 25, 2021 at 6:00 PM

The Grant Park Chamber of Commerce has held “Meet the Candidates Night” for many years in the March before Consolidated Elections in April. Candidates introduced at those meetings have been vying for positions on the governing boards of Chamber Members such as the Village of Grant Park, the Grant Park Library, and Community Unit School District #6 (The Grant Park School District).

These meetings have been held at Hamann Center. The candidates for these boards would be introduced and given a few minutes to comment if they wished. Candidates running for positions that had multiple contestants would have a series of questions posed by the Chamber for them to answer. Each responder would have up to three minutes to answer.

Because of COVID concerns this type of in person meeting is not going to be held. However, Zoom meetings have been very successful over this past year and the Chamber is offering this opportunity for 2021. The plan is to make the Zoom link available to the Village of Grant Park at large as the Village and Library positions are only available for registered voters that live within the boundaries of the Village. This link will be posted on the website. You may also request a link directly from and a copy of the invitation with the link will be emailed to you. The School District, of course, serves a much wider area. The Zoom meeting would open for connections at approximately 5:45 PM. Audio for attendees would be muted when entering the meeting, video is up to the virtual attendee, and a limit of 100 connections is imposed by Zoom. The Chamber moderator will have introductory comments and will attempt to introduce all candidates who are virtually present. The moderator would ask the candidates who are running for contested positions a series of questions and they would have three minutes to respond to each. After five to eight of the Chamber posed questions, the moderator would review any questions that attendees have submitted to them via chat and select ones to ask the candidates. Again, the contestants would have up to three minutes to respond.

This meeting is planned to last no longer than one hour and may end earlier than that depending on how it evolves. The Chamber of Commerce does not endorse candidates but encourages all registered voters to take part in the election which will be held at the Community Building on April 6th for voters who live in Yellowhead #1 & #2 precincts.

This evening's "Meet the Candidates Night" Zoom event has completed and is now available on YouTube. You should be able to click on this link and wind up in the YouTube page ready to activate the video.

Feel free to email if you have any questions or concerns!

The Chamber Officers


The Chamber of Commerce's March 10th meeting was held via zoom. Nineteen persons were in virtual attendance. There were some technical difficulties but mostly we had a good laugh about those and the Agenda was completed .

We discussed the scheduled Chamber Golf Outing which is scheduled for June 5th at Minnie Monesse Golf Course. More details will soon be mailed and posted on this web page and on our Facebook page.

Feel free to email if you have questions or concerns!

The Chamber Officers


Our January zoom meeting was well attended and we had some interesting discussions about a variety of topics. Members present voted to allow 2020 Memberships to roll over to 2021 without another year's dues. However, if a member wishes to pay dues for 2021, it will be appreciated (NOT REQUIRED). We intend to have a meeting in March but how it will be accomplished will have to be decided closer to the March meeting date. If we will be having a zoom meeting, the date may change from our usual second Wednesday.

Members wishing to continue to manage a garden along Rt. 1 & 17 should let either Connie or Gerry know by March 1st. So far (as of January 16th) we have five who have let us know. The Grant Park Foundation wishes to continue to offer a variety of garden services this year and will send a list detailing the range of services (and costs as this is a fund raiser for the Foundation).

Membership forms should be updated for 2021, even if a member isn't paying a fee. Forms may be returned to Connie Granger (mail box on north side of 208 West Taylor), by mail to PO Box 473, Grant Park, IL 60940, or leave it for Rhonda at Midlands State Bank (via drive-up window is OK).

Planning is moving ahead concerning a possible golf outing as a fund raiser this year. Currently we have enough funds for our foreseeable expenses this fiscal year.

Feel free to email if you have questions or concerns!

The Chamber Officers